We Are The Drinking Club With A Running Problem

Established on 15th November 1997, the Abuja Hash is a family and adult oriented experience, for people who love to get some exercise, enjoy nature and share a cold beer.
We are often fondly described as the drinking club with a running problem.

About The Hash

The Hash experience begins with a trail laid by the ‘Hares.’ The Hares are the 4-6 volunteers, who choose a location and lay a trail of shredded paper for other Hashers to follow. Trails typically course along hills, bushes, streams and other such terrain.

These trails may however extend for 4 - 8 kilometres, and, may be considered challenging for children and some adults, and as such should be accompanied by a supervising/competent adult at all times.

Regardless however, everyone is guaranteed to have a great hashing experience because the trails are designed to accommodate the various fitness needs of intending Hashers.

At the end of the run, there is a circle which is presided over by the Grandmaster, or Religious Adviser. The Circle is an entertaining ceremony in observance of hash traditions, performed at the end of the run/walk where Hashers share and enjoy cold beer and some light humour.


Participation in the final circle is entirely at your discretion. This is because the Hash is family orientated until the 'final circle', which has activities that feature some adult language/theme.
The Abuja Hash runs every other Saturdays.


Muster Point: Durban Park (River Plate Garden), opposite Abia House, Wuse 2, Abuja.
Time: 2pm registration, 2:45pm depart Durban Park, 3:45pm Run starts.
Rego: N1,000

About Nash Hash
The Nash Hash is the foremost national hashing event, often involving participation from far and wide.
From the 9th to the 12th of August 2019, Abuja Hash House Harriers will be hosting the 6th Nigerian Nash Hash in the nation's capital Abuja.
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